Blargon strikes again: blogterviews

Today I found another bit of blargon spawned by the blogosphere: blogterview. Any guesses?

A blogterview is an interview conducted by e-mail for the purpose of inclusion in a blog. Simple idea, highly effective.

Blogterviews seem  to  be used mostly by  bloggers tending medical/life-sciences blogs, so I wonder if the  neologism originated in this community? Is it spreading?  Interested to hear from you  if you  know who first used the word.

I can see that blogterviews could be a really useful tool for students to use. How important is it to ask not just the “right” question, but the novel question or the question which leads to an unexpected answer.  That really would be a good skill to teach them for the 21st century.

Here are a few blogterviews I’ve read so far.  Actually this is a round up of top blogterviews.    This one uses youtube for replying to Blogterview questions.

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  1. Yes, I agree!

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